Can you use a trap to catch a snake?

In case there is a snake around your home, the right thing to do is to trap it and relocate it to the right place. You may trap the snake through the use of a high tech snake trap or you may get a cheap minnow trap and use eggs in it.

Before you try to trap a snake, it is a good idea for you to first identify its species. In this way, you will know how careful you should be in handling the snake after trapping it. If you have a venomous snake on your property and you are worried that it can bite a child or a pet, it is good to call animal control so that they may catch the snake quickly and safely.

A glue trap is a common type of trap that is used to catch snakes. Many people consider it to be inhumane, and not all areas allow its use. The traps are found in large and small sizes, and they are put in boxes that you may set up at the place where the snake is found most of the time. The snake traps may come with bait that is installed already to entice the snake to come inside. When the snake enters into the trap, it will stick on the glue lining. After you capture the snake, you should take it to a safe location, open up the trap, pour oil on the snake, and let it loose.

A minnow trap is a good option for the person who has many snakes to deal with. The minnow traps may be made with wire mesh and they are cylindrical in shape with holes at each end which are inverted inside the trap. Eggs should be placed inside as bait. The snake is going to crawl in one of the holes to get the eggs, but it will not be able to find its way out.

You should set the trap up in a strategic place, specifically the area where the snake is known to frequent. The common places where you may set the traps include garden areas, the attic, a chicken coop and the basement. You do not have to camouflage a trap, but you do have to set it up in the place where the snakes like to pass most of the time.

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