What are some of the symptoms of a sick rat?

There are some typical signs that can show you that a rat has problems. The signs that can show that there is a problem include reduced appetite, weight shift and problems with too long teeth. Others are crimson coloring, lackluster eyes, hobbling, listlessness and exhaustion as well as unexplained bleeding, breathing problems and eye discharge.

Rats can suffer from breathing problems because of respiratory infection, so it is easy to find such trouble in rats. People may see symptoms that are in the form of a persistent gasping sound and loud breathing or even weight that starts to decrease.

Parasites are common in rats, especially mites. When a rodent is dealing with a bout of pesky mites, he may display some symptoms like intense scratching or serious skin redness. The mites are small and they look like tiny dots. They can show up on the coats of rats and they can be found on their shoulders and faces.

Digestive disorders of rats are caused by intestinal parasites with bacterial infections. Pinworms are intestinal parasites found in rats. They require a host and they can be transmitted by infected feces. Many infected rats may not have any signs or symptoms. The disease can be diagnosed through identifying worms and the eggs in the infected feces.

Tapeworms are not that common and there are few signs that there is any infection in rats that have them. With this kind of infestation, weight loss and diarrhea may take place. A dwarf tapeworm may infect humans if it is ingested. The tapeworms may also be transmitted indirectly by fleas, beetles and cockroaches.

Protozoa is a problem that affects the digestive tract of the rats and may not cause any disease. In stressed or young rats, the protozoa may lead to an intestinal infection. Infections can be transmitted by contaminated feces and the infected rats may suffer weight loss, rough hair on their coat, lethargy and diarrhea.

Rat coronavirus infection is a virus that infects the Harderian glands, lungs and nasal cavities of rats. Infected rats are contagious and they can be transmitted through direct contact or airborne virus particles. The affected rats may sneeze and they may avoid looking into bright light.

These are some of the illnesses that rats can suffer from and the symptoms that can help you identify when a rat is sick.

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