Does Sulfur/Lime Keep Snakes Away?

Getting rid of snakes that are unwanted from a business, school, barn or home is a task that many face with fright but also with great enthusiasm. Everyone wants to find the easiest way in which they can get rid of these scaly reptiles and are willing to try out everything to make sure that they do not come face to face with one of these creatures within their properties.

There are many myths that circulate regarding the elimination of snakes. One of the myths has to do with powdered sulfur. Most people believe that when you use the sulfur on its own as a repellent it works. However, you should know that sulfur will not repel the snakes in any way. When sulfur is used alone, no snake species will be repelled. If you use the sulfur as a barrier and a snake goes over it, it may actually end up causing irritation. This irritation may in turn make the snake even more vicious, dangerous and aggressive if faced by pets and humans. There are snakes that are very ill tempered, and this sulfur doesn’t help the situation at all.

The second myth has to do with lime. Most people believe that lime can actually be used as a repellent for snakes. When tested, lime doesn’t show any signs of repelling snakes in any way. If you apply lime in some areas as a measure to get rid of snakes, you may actually end up hurting your pets as well as humans in the process. When it gets wet or damp, lime becomes quite caustic to domestic animals and humans as well. Lime can even lead to blindness. Severe burns on animals and humans have been known to occur.

Deterrents never really work, and even when they do, they do not offer a long term solution to the animal problem that you may be having. Professionals can really help when you are trying to get rid of a specific nuisance animal within your property. Snake proofing your house and keeping the yard clean are some of the most effective ways in which you can deal with a snake problem within your property.

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