Will a strobing light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on a rat?

Rats are pests that man has been trying hard to deal with for many years now. Rat infestations are not a new thing and they are actually a problem that has been with us all through history. Rats love being around humans due to the fact that they can get shelter and food wherever they are. They seem to thrive pretty well too, and the fact that they reproduce so fast means that their numbers grow at an alarming rate. These are animals that you will find in rural and urban areas as well. They are pretty adaptive and they are able to survive in a wide range of environments.

There are many reasons as to why a human would want to remove and deter rats from their properties. They are very unhygienic in their nature because they love those leftovers that you may leave all over the place. They can feed on garbage and even dead animals. They are also capable of disease transmissions such as skin diseases, diarrhea, rabies, and even leptospirosis. Apart from hygiene, they can also destroy crops and plants and they can also feed on your own food in the kitchen. They can destroy your insulation and gnaw on your wood and wires.

Due to the many negative things that rats can bring about in your household, it is important to actually get rid of them completely. There are so many highly advertised methods of deterring rats, and they include the strobing light and high pitch sound deterrent machines.

The strobing light usually is a bulb that gives out a very high light beam and they are turned on whenever motion is detected. They are said to scare the rats and keep them away.

The high pitch sound machine emits sounds that are as high as 18,000-32,000 Hz and can be used in different areas like warehouses, garages and basements.

These two methods can be really irritating to the animals as well as humans. There isn’t any study that supports claims that these methods actually help in scaring the animals. As for the rats, their sensitivity to light isn’t that high. They are known to walk even where there is bright light. They can also make high pitch sounds as they communicate, so the sound machines are largely ineffective.

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