What does stray cat feces look like? Where is it found?

The eternal battle between cats and dogs isn’t likely to solved soon, but the truth is that, although they both make excellent pets, and can be cuddly and cute for humans, cats are more independent and are more suited to surviving alone in, without an owner.

While it is not uncommon to see stray dogs, they always seem thin, sickly, underfed and ungroomed, whereas a stray cat can easily learn to hunt and feed itself, and by instinct will groom its coat constantly.

Feral cats are not stray cats. Feral cats are cats born to other feral or stray cats, and have never been exposed to human interaction, and are unaccustomed to it. They are different to stray cats, because strays are cats that have escaped, been abandoned or gotten lost, but at some point, belonged to a human, and interacted in a human environment. Feral cats are, to all extents and purposes, wild cats.

Feral cats are incredible hunters, and live off a diet of basically anything they can find. They rummage through garbage cans and pick on left overs, but they also hunt, especially in rural settings. Mice, rats, squirrels, rabbits, birds are favorites among cats and provides them with the much - needed fat and protein they need to remain healthy while living in the wild.

Stray or feral cats mainly live off a raw diet that can be evidenced in their feces. Because it is such a natural diet, their bodies easily absorb the nutrients and benefit greatly from the high content of fat and protein that they can find in a bird or a rabbit. Their feces will be small, hard and dark, virtually odorless, because their bodies are very effective in processing their food.

Stray cat feces may be found around gardens and homes because they do not have an aversion to human contact, and will venture close to dwellings in search of food. Feral cat feces is definitely rarer to see, as feral cats tend to stay out of the way of humans.

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