How to catch a wild animal with a snare pole

There are times when you need to catch an animal and do not know what to use. It is not advisable to use bare hands because you can get bitten and be infected with diseases. Wild animals, even when they look calm, are always dangerous and quite unpredictable. A snare pole is a very efficient device that you can use at such times.

What is a snare pole?

A snare pole is made up of a long, hollow aluminum pole. It has a looped cord running through it which is used to snare or catch the intended animal. The long pole ensures that you do not come into very close contact with the wild animal. The loop end you are holding is used to tighten the snare. It is a very efficient tool for anyone who knows how to use it.

Close proximity

However, using a snare pole requires being in close proximity to the animal being caught. The snare pole is very efficient, especially when you have some animal stuck between two places or hiding in a place dangerous to reach with your hand. When dealing with the wild animals, remember safety comes first.

Capture and restrain animals

The snare pole or catchpole is like a cat grasper or snake tongs. They are versatile tools that are used to capture and restrain animals. For most species you can place a loop over the head of the animal and then you tighten the noose so that you may hold the animal. Take care because the housecats and the bobcats may suffocate when using a loop around their neck. It is also good to place a loop over a cat’s head and over the front leg. You can minimize the amount of time that an animal spends in such restraint.

There are some snare poles that can swivel to allow the animal to twist and not suffocate. The commercial catchpoles can lock at once when you pull the cable tight and also offer quick release. The hand operated device may replace the noose with a vice-grip closure at the end of the catchpole.

Animals that can be caught using a snare pole:

• Raccoons
• Feral cats
• Skunks
• Squirrels among others

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