Can snakes crawl up plumbing or toilets?

Snakes are scary and most people living in areas with snake dread an encounter with one. It is never easy to come face to face with this reptile, and knowing that one could come into your home through the plumbing and toilet is even worse.

It has been known that rats can very easily get into your house through plumbing and the toilet. You may also find tree frogs, squirrels and even snakes. It is not very common, but it does happen once in a while.

You may be wondering what it takes for that snake to end up in your toilet. The first step is for the snake to get into the sewer pipe. The likelihood of this happening is quite low. Also, it may mean that there are some negligent neighbors who don’t take care of their pet snake as they should.

After the snake gets into the sewer pipe, he’d have to choose your specific line without using the sewer main. The snake would then enter your sewer pipe and then start the upward journey to your toilet.

If the snake doesn’t get into the sewer pipe and instead proceeds to the sewer main, it wouldn’t survive due to exposure. This is because the temperature below ground is rather low and the snakes may not be able to withstand it for a very long time.

If you are still wary of snakes getting into your home through the toilet, you should invest in a multi flap. This is able to fit the toilet pipe and dispose of the waste while at the same time keeping all those critters away from your home.

The other thing worth noting is the fact that most snakes that will be able to get into the sewer are usually rather small and most are nonvenomous. The occurrence of snakes showing up in homes through the sewer system is quite rare.

If you do happen to find a snake in your toilet, it most likely got there through the sewer pipes. The septic tank cover is probably loose or there is a break in the sewer line that allowed the reptile to slither through.

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