How to keep snakes out of my garden

There are some types of snakes that can prove to be beneficial to your garden. However, most people cannot co-exist with snakes within the same surroundings, and you may want to get rid of those slithering companions and get them as far away from your garden as possible. You should keep snakes away by removing all things that may possibly invite them into your home or yard.

There are snakes that are indigenous to some areas and some are more dangerous than others. Snakes like the garter snake have proven to be really helpful to gardens and they stay away from people. However, snakes like rattle snakes are on the dangerous sides and it is best to be as far away from them as possible. Some research about your area can prepare you for the kinds of snakes that you may most likely encounter and this goes a long way in easing the anxieties that you may have.

Snakes’ behavior is very similar in most aspects. However, hiding and food habits can vary depending on the species. When you identify the snakes in your garden, you will be able to invest in methods of repelling that can be most effective.

If you want snakes out of your garden, you should make sure that the yard is free of all clutter. Having clutter is usually a very open invitation to the snakes as it will provide a warm and a dark place where they can hide. Get rid of cut grass piles, firewood stacks, wood chips, straw, mulch, compost piles as well as leaves.

Tall growing plants should also be avoided. There are some shrubs as well as some plants that give the snakes a great place to hide. When a garden is packed with a lot of thick plants, snakes can be attracted to it.

All water sources that or at ground level need to be removed. There are some snakes that totally love water and you can catch them taking a swim. Drain the large puddles and position any ponds far from the house. You need to monitor them too. Bird baths usually attract rodents and insects and these are favorite meals for serpents. All rodent problems have to be handled to keep the snakes away.

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