How to keep snakes out of your basement

Snakes will get into your basement for any of the following reasons: it is under ground level; it looks secluded and safe, peaceful and calm; and it is dark and cool, with a rather stable temperature. These are all excellent qualities for a snake shelter. Now, when you discover that there is a snake in your basement, you need to get it out – either by yourself or by contacting professionals if you don't feel up to the task of getting in direct contact with a snake. This might be a better choice if the snake in question is a venomous snake – it is better not to risk getting bitten by a stressed snake.

Now, if you want to handle the problem yourself, you can either catch the snake directly with your hands (wearing some very thick gloves) or with a snake grabber tool. It is also possible to set up a snake trap in the basement. Just investigate the options on the market as well as reviews, because not many snake traps work effectively. You need a trap that will not only capture a snake but also hold it, and then there is the matter of dealing with a caught snake. How can you relocate it elsewhere? Think of this matter as well. Maybe it is best to contact professionals before trying to relocate a trapped snake, especially if it is a venomous snake.

When you get the snake out of the basement, it is important to find the entry point it had to the basement and then seal it – because otherwise you will have another snake in the basement in no time. Snakes can enter your home through the smallest cracks in the foundation (and many older houses have cracks that need to be fixed) and openings such as windows. All cracks and openings need to be sealed shut with an appropriate material or filling so that there is no open space for the snake to move in. When you fix home foundations to prevent snake entry, this will also help your home maintain its stability.

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