How to get rid of snakes in the attic?

Sometimes snakes may live in attics. Those that do this are climbing snakes like the yellow rat snake. The snakes may not be venomous, but few people will like the idea of having a snake living in the attic. When baby snakes are born in an attic, then they will move through the house and they will be everywhere.

Most of the time, the snake will come in the attic because of rodents that live in the attic already like rats. Rats have a distinct odor and the snakes will follow this trail to go to the attic to eat these rodents. As long as there are rats to eat in the attic, the snake will continue to live in the place. The snakes are able to enter into a small space, and this means that they may easily enter areas they are able to reach. If you have a snake as a result of rodents, the first step is to get rid of the rodents and their odor and then deal with the snake problem.

The snake may decide to enter into the attic in the winter months in order to get a source of heat. An attic has consistent temperatures in winter months, and because the heat of the snake gets absorbed from a radiant source and it cannot be generated within, then an attic will be the right place for a snake to go to live when it is cold outside.

Before the people ask themselves how they can get rid of the snake from the attic, they are concerned about how the snake entered into the attic. The snake uses crevice and cracks in the construction. You need to have an exclusion done at the home so that you can solve the problem at once. The climbing snakes are the snakes that can reach the attic easily.

If you know the reason the snake is inside your attic, it will be easy to get rid of it. After controlling the rodent problem, you should then trap the snake. When you eliminate the reason why the snake comes into your attic, it will force it to go to another place. After getting rid of the snake and rodents in the attic, you should seal up the holes and the gaps that they use to enter into the attic in the first place. This can be a gap where the soffit meets with the shingle roof or an eave that has an open gap.

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