Do snakes attract other snakes?

Yes, snakes can and do attract other snakes through different means. The male snakes are able to attract other males too. In a study, it was seen that when the estrogen levels were increased in a male garter snake, it leads to the secretion of pheromones that are very similar to those that the females secrete to call out to suitors. This attracts even more snakes to mate. The males use the female pheromones to be able to survive within the wild settings.

More on pheromones

Odorless and colorless pheromones are produced by animals to get a response from others within the same species. Pheromones are the basis of communication in the species, especially when the mating season approaches. The red sided garter snake has had a lot of tests done on it because it is very abundant in North America. Snakes have nostrils that can be used for breathing purposes but never for smelling. The snakes can pick up scents as well as pheromones by tongue flicking. The pheromones for sex are made of molecules that are much larger and therefore they will not float through the air like in some species. There is a very sensitive organ within the snake’s mouth which allows the snake to identify the pheromone that has been released.

Estrogen isn’t a pheromone, but it is very essential in females as it aids in the production of the sex pheromones, which the females need to call out to mates. The female pheromone that is emitted is able to tell the males exactly what species the female belongs to, the age, the size, the gender and the reproductive condition of the female. Males are more attracted to females that can produce even more babies, and those with a chance of reproducing successfully. If you have snakes within your property, you can actually end up with even more snakes than you would have anticipated.

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