Do snakes make good pets?

The human tendency to fear snakes is most probably inherited from our ancestors. However, most snakes will avoid a confrontation and stay away from humans as best as they can. Snakes are able to adapt quite easily, but most people advise that snakes be left alone within their natural environments. Snakes are beautiful and that is why so many people are intrigued by them. However, pet snakes have been known to hurt or even kill their owners. It is therefore important to appreciate what a great responsibility having a pet serpent would be for you and your family.

Irresponsibility on the part of pet owners can have very dire consequences on the people around them and most especially the ecosystem. It is important to be careful before making the decision of having a snake as a pet. You need to be ready for everything.

When everything has been said and done, the decision to own a snake or not is really a personal one. If you have allergies, a snake may seem like an ideal choice because it has no fleas, hair or even dander. The snakes need very little upkeep too as they do not have to eat on a daily basis. You will, however, need to give them fresh water and make sure that they are fed according to their species.

It is also very easy to clean a snake in comparison to cats and dogs. Snake feces mainly consist of teeth and bones as well as feathers and hair. These are the materials that the snake may not have been able to digest.

Snakes can be considered as being low maintenance. They are also tactile and interesting to handle. When you have everything under control, the snake can serve as an educational tool for your children. Before taking up a snake as a pet, you need some form of education so as to be sure that you have all the things that may be needed.

Snakes aren’t social and so they don’t need too much attention like most other pets do. Meet all their needs and you will be fine.

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