What if a snake got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc.?

Snake problems are common in just about every part of the world, mostly in places where there are vegetation, insects and many small animals. When the front of the home is full of clutter or debris, you may have a problem keeping snakes from entering into your home. When the snake tries to look for food, they may find their way into the home, including the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom – anywhere they have access to. This leaves you with the problem of how to remove the snake quickly and safely.

Before anyone handles the snake, it would be advisable to identify which type of snake it is so that you can take extra precautions if it’s poisonous. If you are hesitant about handling the snake yourself or if you know that it is poisonous, the best option is to contact an animal control company or a wildlife trapper when you see a snake in your bedroom, kitchen or any part of the home.

Most of the time the snakes that are found within homes are not venomous and can easily be removed with just the use of a broom. You should still be very cautious even if the snake is not poisonous. You may also put a trash can over a non-venomous snake so that you can remove it from the home.

One option to catch a snake is using a glue trap. When you use a glue trap, it will hold the snake in one place until you are able to remove it. After you have caught the snake using a glue trap, you can transport it to a new location and then pour vegetable oil on the body so that it can free itself from the glue and move away. However, many people consider glue traps to be an inhumane method of capture since the animal may hurt themselves or they may suffocate and die a painful death.

When there is a snake in the home, the only way to deal with it is to remove it physically. This should be done with the utmost care and with safety precautions in place. It is recommended to hire a wildlife expert to come take care of the problem for you, especially if you are scared or if the snake is poisonous. They have the knowledge and experience to handle every kind of snake.

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