How to find and remove a snake in your attic

Even though it might seem basically impossible that a snake will find its way into your attic, it can happen. Some snake species are great climbers and they don't hesitate to climb up trees to get to bird eggs. Once the snake is on the tree, it is quite easy for it to transfer over to the attic if it has access.

However, it is true that snakes don't often choose an attic as their shelter. What might attract them to the attic are rats or other rodents that have inhabited it because snakes love to feed on rats, and rats have a very distinctive smell that snakes often follow. And if rats have found some small entry point to get into the attic, you can be sure that snakes can get through that hole as well. In this sense, if you want to get rid of snakes in the attic, first get rid of the rats. Snakes are more active when the weather is warmer, so this is the period when you can expect their infestation.

You can be sure that you have snakes in the attic if you see their skin when they are shedding.

Now, the first thing you must do (when you are sure that a snake is in the attic) is to find it, which can be a difficult task. In order to find it, take into consideration that snakes love to hide when they are resting, so it is a good idea to look for them in far, secluded corners of the attic. Look under appliances or pieces of furniture, within cracked insulation or inside wall cracks. It can be a stressful task, especially when you don't know whether it is a venomous snake or not and when you are in fear that you might get bitten during the task.

If you have a pet, you can take it to look for the snake with you, but keep a good eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get bitten. Maybe the best solution is to set up a snake trap near the location where you believe the snake is. Once you get it trapped and removed, you should seal shut all the cracks and holes through which the snake might have entered.

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