What is a snake fence?

Installing a fence is normally the last option for people who have tried many methods to keep snakes away but have failed. This is a large scale effort that can prevent snakes from entering the property.

There are many types of solid fences that may be used. There is a regular solid fence, vinyl and wood. It can be a temporary landscaping and construction fence made of plastic fabric and plastic mesh. Sometimes steel mesh fencing may be put up to keep these reptiles out as well. A catch net fence may be used to trap animals like snakes. The right snake fence should have some of the following properties. It should be able to surround a perimeter of the property completely. It has to be flushed to the ground in every area. It has to be solid with mesh holes that are not over a quarter inch. It should not be easily climbable – either a slick surface or sloped outward. It also should not be over 30 degrees.

Building a fence is not a simple option, but it is very effective in keeping snakes and other animals away. Most repellents will not work, while traps can work but not all of the time. An experienced professional can remove a snake, but he will probably not be immediately available every time you have a snake problem. Using a good snake fence can keep the snakes away completely.

To build a snake fence, you have to find solid fencing material that can go around the entire property. You should ensure that the bottom has been buried in the ground several inches. If this is not an option, you should do regular fence installation and then dig a ditch at the base of the fence and tack steel mesh in the ditch and then bury it. You have to remember that the snake is able to crawl within the ground and a simple gap may make the fence worthless when it comes to keeping the snake away from the property. If you wish to go for a cheaper alternative, you may consider using landscaping and construction netting. It has to be flush to the ground or, even better, buried within the ground. This can be a problem when you use soft materials.

Installing a fence is not a small project, but it is extremely effective at keeping snakes away from your property.

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