What does snake feces look like?

When it comes to the identification of animals, their droppings can tell you a lot. You can find out what animal is roaming around your house or property based on the kind of fecal matter that is left behind. The only feces that is closest to that of a snake is that of the bird. The only similarity is the white markings that are usually found in the excrement of the two species. Just like birds, snakes only have a single opening from whence the liquid and solid wastes are eliminated. This is the reason why urea appears as a white substance. Beyond that, you cannot mistake the two because the excrement of a snake has bones, nails, teeth and even fur. The feces is usually soft and wet and it does not have that splutter look like in the case of a bird.

Regardless of how significant the white excrement really is, it may be really difficult to identify the feces of a snake or even find it. Snakes usually eliminate waste when they eat and sometimes that isn’t very often. There are snakes that can go for several weeks before having a meal. If there are piles all over the home, there are great chances that what you are dealing with isn’t a snake. Such a quantity of feces would mean that there are an unbelievable number of serpents living within the property. You need to note that snakes aren’t social, although when a female wants to mate numerous suitors can show up.

Most experts can tell you not to waste too much time trying to find out whether it’s snake feces or not. If you can verify the feces, the only way that you can tell the exact size of the snake is by the remnants within the droppings. The feces of snakes can vary in appearance depending on the time it has been on the ground.

The other thing that makes the excrement of a snake unique to identify is the fact that there isn’t any fiber within the droppings.

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