How to make a snake trap

It is not easy to know when a snake will decide to visit you. You may find it hanging in the basement or in the garden or it can swallow the poultry animals in the chicken coop. But it is not advised to kill a snake as soon as you see it if it is not posing any threat. You have to know that it is like other animals and is not able to think rationally. When you take time to think, you will be able to have a win-win situation with the snake. The humane way of handling the snake is to trap it and release it at another place.

One option is a bottle trap. Have frozen mice, a pair of scissors and a plastic bottle that is washed and rinsed before it dries up. Start by washing and drying off the bottle so that there will be no other smell found within the bottle. Cut a hole in the bottle using the scissors. The diameter has to be enough so that the snake can be able to enter inside. Put the bait within the bottle and then set a trap where you think the snake may hide. Wait up to the time that the snake will enter in the bottle and eat the bait you put inside. Since the snake does not chew but swallows, it will not be able to leave the bottle.

A minnow trap works as a funnel wire cage, and its concept is simple, but you can use it to catch large snake. The trap can also be placed where there is sun or where you think that the snake may hang around. You will need to have wire, a wire cutter and other items that will keep the trap in one place.

A wooden box trap is hard to make and you will need to have some skills. The trap may be used when you have spotted a snake in the house and you want a large weapon to use against it. The wooden box may be placed near a den if you have identified it. The trap will work better if it is put at the entrance of a hole, and if the animal tries to go out, it may be lured straight into the box.

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