What to do if you find a shed snake skin

Snakes shed skin and that is the way of nature. If you have a snake as pet, you will notice a behavioral change when it is going through the shedding phase. Sometimes the appetite increases and the eyes get watery. They can also feel threatened easily. Usually during this time their vision is not clear. The females could also have an unpredictable period. The snakes could be aggressive at times.

So what should you do if you find a shed snake skin?

When you know that your snake will shed its skin, you should provide a very peaceful environment for it. This is the time when snakes could be very vulnerable.

There are many easy ways to handle a snake skin. You can place the snake on piles of damp cloths. This will help it to shed the skin as it crawls on top of it. The humid quality of the cloth will enable the snake to remove the remaining skin patches.

It is not recommended to peel the patches because it will harm the snake. You need help from a professional or snake expert to remove the shed skin. Otherwise, you could damage their vision.

Snakes shed their skin regularly and this should become a routine. For healthy snakes, the shedding process might be easy, especially when you have provided good nutrition for it. If your snake does not shed the way it should, you need to find out why this is the case. It may be lacking nutrition or something else is not right. Normal shedding means the skin will come back beautifully and looking as vibrant as ever!

When trying to help a snake shed its skin, try to place it in a humid temperature. Humidity helps the process a lot. Make sure that you have 50 to 70% humidity, and you can also place it inside your house while it sheds its skin. Most tropical snakes love to be around warm water during the shedding period. It really helps the process. Hope this helps!

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