How to scare a snake away

Snakes, like many other animals, are very important to our ecosystem. This is because they are responsible for the control of different kinds of pests such as cockroaches, rats, mice among others. However, when it comes to dealing with snakes, the most wary thing is receiving a bite from a venomous snake. This means that snakes are indeed quite dangerous to us humans as well as to those pets that we hold so dear to our hearts. It is always important to stay away from snakes and to create conditions that do not favor them within our properties.

One of the things you should never have in your yard is clutter. Snakes use ambush to catch their prey. They love those dark areas where they can hide. Therefore, clutter is a great invitation for snakes to come in to your yard and stay. They include things such as piles of grass, firewood stacks, wood chips, straw mulch, piles of compost and leave piles.

Cut any tall grass growing around your yard and also avoid shrubs since they will give a snake that excellent hiding spot. Gardens that are totally packed will attract the slithering creatures.

If there are some possible food sources within the yard, eliminate them completely. Snakes will stay in your yard if they are able to get food. This depends with the snake species that you are dealing with but you may have issues if you have grasshoppers, cockroaches and even rats and mice. Laying traps and using repellents that are designed for pests can work perfectly.

If there are snakes around, it is wise to patch up all holes so as to ensure that they actually stay out. Locate all holes and repair them especially in the screen doors, the garage and around the house foundations. All areas should be inspected and regardless of how small the holes are, make sure they are patched up correctly.

Fencing can also go a long way. A snake proof fence can come in handy. How effective the fencing will be greatly depends on the snake that you are dealing with and how it gets from one place to the next. There are some fences that have been created and have proven to be rather effective when it comes to keeping snakes out. Snake barriers should also be placed around buildings that have been elevated so as to ensure that no snakes hide beneath them.

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