How to scare a rat away

Rats are unbearable and they may intrude in your home and make it their own. They can turn your entire household upside down. Rats need shelter, adequate food, and water. If they are able to access all the above within your home, they won’t leave. Norway rats and the roof rats are quite common in households today. They can be attracted by vines, fruits, food droppings, compost bins, pet food and even garbage. You need to be aware that rats can carry diseases which may be transmitted to your family and pets. Rats target areas such as sheds, shrubs, cabinets, pipelines, basements, and attics.

If you have a rat problem and you want to scare them off, there are some methods that can prove to be very effective.

these tend to work as repellents. You can get them very easily in stores and they are easy to use. Placing a few in the attic may do the trick even though they may not offer a permanent solution.

ammonia can be used alone or you may mix it with detergent and some water. This should then be placed in different areas where you may have noticed rats. Rats may not be able to stand that smell, and therefore the remedy can work very well, but again it is not a permanent solution.

Peppermint oil:
this is yet another deterrent that you may try out. It has a pungent smell that rats do not like. Some cotton balls can be dipped in the oil and then placed in areas where there are rats. You will notice some results with this method. You can also opt to use castor oil or citronella.

Owl feathers:
these feathers may scare the rats. You need to place them in the intruder holes or in areas that rats have been spotted.

the smell of pepper makes breathing hard for the rats, and their survival is threatened. You can use crushed pepper near holes and corners where there are rats.

Bay leaf:
rats may think bay leaves are food and may actually eat them. However, they could actually die after eating them.

It is important to note that repellents aren’t always effective. At the end of it all, you will have to look for a more long-term solution for your rat problem.

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