How to scare a raccoon away

Raccoons are very recognizable and they aren’t too hard to find. They are very adaptable and versatile in nature. It is quite common to find them in areas where there is a water source nearby, but you can also find them in the urban and suburban areas today. This is due to the fact that they like to forage in dumpsters that are so common in the urban society today. Raccoons are fond of bugs, fish, veggies, meat and fruits among many other things.

Regardless of how cute and adorable these little creatures appear to be, they can also be a great pain to homeowners. When your property is invaded by raccoons, you may want to scare them off and keep them away. There are some methods that can be applied to make this a possibility.

this is one of the things you can try to scare the raccoons away. If you decide to use ammonia, you will have to soak rags or towels in ammonia and then toss them inside the raccoon den or at the entrance of the den. Ammonia is something that is found in urine and its smell may cause them to think their den is soiled, and they will vacate since they do not use their dens as a bathroom.

Predator urine:
this is yet another deterrent that people consider using. Predator urine is usually available at different stores and you can also shop for it quite easily at online stores. Urine extracted from mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes and wolves can work really well. This should be sprayed in the areas where you think the raccoons love staying. The urine is used to make the raccoon think that there are predators around.

these can also be used to scare off the raccoons. Using scarecrows can also scare away other nuisance animals in your neighborhood. There are also motion activated sprinklers that are the modern day scarecrows. When the sensor is tripped, the action and noise made by the sprinkler scares the raccoon away.

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