How to scare a possum away

Normally, possums aren’t aggressive. However, they can cause conditions that are quite unsanitary. When a possum is sick, it can also pose a threat because it can become very aggressive. Usually, creating an environment that is not appealing to them is one of the best ways to make sure that they stay away from your property. Trapping and then physically removing them from your property can also help.

There are several methods that can be used to scare possums away, and they include:

Motion activated sprinklers or lights: you may set up lights or sprinklers and place motion detectors around the house perimeter or around the areas that are frequented by the possum. When they are triggered, the devices are turned on and this quick motion frightens the possums away. Usually, when the possum crosses the sensor, it will immediately activate the lights or sprinklers. You will notice that the sprinklers are a lot more effective than the lights especially with the more mature possums.

Cat or dog fur: you could also take your cat or dog fur and scatter it around the property, especially around the areas that the possums love. It is the predator scent that deters some of the possums away. When there are possums around your property, take care of your pet in case the animals get aggressive.

Potent smells: you could also try things such as garlic, mothballs or even ammonia. These are scents that the possums don’t seem to like. A small amount of ammonia can be really helpful. Place rags soaked in ammonia at different points of your property. If you decide to use mothballs, scatter then in areas where you may have seen possums. Garlic has to be crushed and then placed in different areas. Crushing ensures that the maximum scent of garlic is released.

Chemical repellants: there are different kinds of chemical repellents that you can use. These can be used on flowerbeds, gardens and sometimes at the base of a structure. It is very important that instructions be followed carefully to get the desired results.

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