Does rope work as a snake repellent?

Although some people believe that rope is an effective repellant against snakes, it actually does not work. This theory emerged because the rough rope fibers are considered capable of piercing the belly of snakes and make the snake afraid to pass through. This is not the case though sincesnakes live in the wild and are used to crawling on various types of terrain. Therefore, the texture of the rough rope will not bother snakes.

If you want to repel snakes, one thing you can do is take care of the gardens and landscaping in your backyard. Snakes like tall grass or thick bush areas. If the yard is not well taken care of, the snake will have many places to hide.

To maximize the protection of the home from the threat of snakes, you could build awall or fence surrounding the house. You can make a maximum defense wall with barbed wire at the top,especially if your home is near rice fields or swamps where the natural habitat of the snake is.

Apparently, snakesare repelled by pungent odors. This is because snakes rely on their sense of smell through their tongue to recognize their surrounding situation. When your home smells fragrant, then the snake will feel confusion and will eventually leave the area.That's why pungent smells that are not commonly found in nature could be a tool to repel snakes. Some of these sources of odors that you can easily use within the home are perfumes and insecticides.

These types of repellents will be much more effective than trying to surround your home or property with rope to repel snakes. Snakes will not be deterred by rope and will likely move right over top of it.

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