Do rodents enter a building through the plumbing?

The plumbing is the channel or system of fittings, pipes and drains that are used to distribute liquid substances in a house. It may not be what you want to hear, but rodents such as rats have been known to use plumbing to gain access inside houses. The rodents have many ways that they can use the plumbing to enter into your home.

Chewing into the exposed pipes is one way that they are able to find their way into the plumbing, and then they can travel through the pipes to enter a building. This is a concern, so the homeowner needs to rat-proof each visible pipe found in and around the house.

Rodents are also known to use a ground level pipe that enters into a wall. When there is a small opening in the plumbing which connects at the ground level to a wall which leads to an attic, the rodents may use it to get easy access to the house. Most rodents have sharp teeth and they can chew through plastic, wood and cement. This means that a rubber pipe that enters in the building will not be hard for the rats to destroy and then enter into the home.

The rodents may also use rooftops to get access to the house. There are rodents that swim their way into homes through the drain outlets or through the pipes. To prevent these rodents from coming into your home using the pipes, you should put a grate on them.

The rodents are also known to enter into the home through the plumbing stack fix. The rats may get in the plumbing system when they climb down through the plumbing stack on the roof. The plumbing stack is used to connect the home drains to an outside sewer system.

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