Do rodents chew pex pipes or other water pipes?

Many people are concerned about how they can prevent the water damage that is caused by rodents or pests that chew through plastic pipes. This is a big problem for the owners of homes, and this problem becomes a concern when the damage has already been done. If you have PVC or plastic piping in the home, then you have to know that it is a disaster that it is waiting to take place, so you have to take steps on preventing the damage from the rodents now.

When you find out that you have critters and rodents living in your own home, it can be an unsettling discovery. The rats and mice are dangerous since they are able to bite and can bring diseases and fleas into your home while they are also able to create a toxic environment through urinating and defecating in the walls. They are also posing another danger, and this is their ability of chewing within the plastic water pipes in the places where it is hard to reach. The damage can be done on any floor of the house regardless of how old the house may be. The damage will soak the floor, the carpet, door frames or ceiling. The leak can be repaired when it is found out.

To prevent any damage that may take place on your pipes, you have to ensure that you keep the rodents out so that they do not chew on the water pipe. If you think that rodents are living in your house, then try to offer them accessible water so that they do not damage the pipes looking for water. Even if this may be counteractive since they will have another reason to live in your home, it will prevent the rodents from chewing into the pipes looking for water. This is more important when you use poison to kill the rodents. The poison will dehydrate them and while dying, they are going to go to extreme measures in order to get a water source. They are able to chew into pipes in a few minutes in order to get water. When they can access water, they will not damage the nearby pipes. Using traps can also reduce this case, since they kill the animals at once and they will not have to go through the dehydration process.

Seal the entryway of the rodents. The rodents may get in the house using the smallest holes found in the building. When they have to, they can chew a hole in order to get inside. To reduce this case, you should inspect outside of the house and the roof to see if there is any hole that is present there.

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