Where should I relocate a trapped wild animal?

There are hundreds of wild animals that will always try to find a way to your home or building. Most often these animals will hide in the attic or somewhere else in your home. Wild animals will always be a nuisance as they are going to cause untold damages to your personal belongings and the structure itself.

Trapping wild animals

The first thing that comes into mind when there is an infestation is how to catch the culprits and relocate them. But most often people do not know where to take the trapped animals. First of all, before relocating any animal, it is important to know if it is permitted. There are those who will move the animal to another area without even consulting the law. The animal should be relocated to a place where it will be able to find:

• Food

• Water

• Shelter

• A place where it will be safe

Is relocating the best solution?

Many people think that it is better to move animals to another location after trapping them. However, contrary to this popular belief, live trapping of the wild animals or relocating them to another place is not the right way to solve wildlife conflict problems. While it seems to be the best humane option, it can lead to death of the relocated animal. The animal also may get stressed as it has been moved from its territory. It will be prone to attacks from other wild animals, including species of its own.

Learn to live with the wild animals

When you relocate an animal to a far off place, it does not mean that your property will be free of them. Others will find their way to your home again. The best thing to do is to learn to live with the wild animals. Secure your home against wild animals to make sure they do not gain any entrance. You can make use of a fence to accomplish this. There are deterrents that can be applied depending on the kind of wild animal disturbing your peace. Also make sure you are not attracting these animals by keeping food waste that they feed on. Your garbage should be well covered so that they do not get any food from it.

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