Where should I relocate a trapped snake?

Snakes cause some problems, but they are quite few. The larger species can be a farmer’s nightmare, especially where poultry is concerned as they can take eggs or chicks. The venomous species are a threat to humans as well as pets. However, most humans see all snakes as a threat and they are greatly feared even though some are harmless. Real conflicts begin once a snake is spotted anywhere near a human dwelling. This is something that has made the trapping and the relocation of snakes an important endeavor, especially for people who do not want to kill them.

When you encounter a snake, leave it be and try to identify its species. As long as the snake isn’t venomous, just leave the snake alone, especially if it is not inside your building or your house. When a snake is spotted outdoors, most of the time you may never even see it again.

Where there is a need for removal, the police, fire or animal services can be able to trap and remove the snake. After this, the animal has to be relocated. However, this can be a little problematic at times because many of the poisonous snakes have their ranges well defined and resources like the winter dens are very critical for survival. When snakes are moved to a territory that is unfamiliar, their chances of survival are compromised.

Local animal control is a great place to start when you want some advice regarding relocation. When you have trapped a snake, you will definitely have to relocate it. It is not a humane thing to leave the snake within the trap for too long. It needs to be freed soon.

One of the things you should note is the fact that laws in different localities have different requirements. Get to know the laws within your own locality and then get advice on what to do next. In some places, specific bodies may need to be involved in the relocation. In such a case, the snake has to be taken to them and then they can handle it from there.

In some localities, the laws allow the relocation of such animals. You need to trap the animal and then move it to a place that is far away from human dwellings to ensure that conflicts are reduced.

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