Where should I relocate a trapped rat?

Have you ever caught a rat only to be confused about what you are supposed to do with it? Many people choose to simply dispose of the rats, but others prefer to relocate them.

Those that wish to relocate the rats often do not know exactly where the best place is to relocate the rats. How and where do you actually relocate the rat after you trap it? How far will you need to take them from your house to keep them from coming back? Before you put forth the effort to capture the rats in your home, you should have a plan of what to do with the rats you catch.

Relocate far from your house

While it is obvious that you need to release them, it is recommended that you take them far from your house, for instance, miles away from your home. And you should do this in the evening. It is ideal to leave them in a place where there is plenty of water and food sources. It is inhumane to leave them in the desert, so if that is your only option, it is better to kill them right away instead of making them suffer.

Relocate in rocks

If you aren’t sure what kind of habitat a rat prefers, you could start by relocating them under a shrub or big trees. Or place them on rocks so that they could make tunnels from there. A shrub is ideal for rats because they can use it as a shelter and it gives them a place to run and hide from potential danger.

Dealing with relocation

Many people will not want to deal with the actual relocation themselves because they get scared of sharing the car with rats for several miles and they don’t like the constant squeaking noises rats make in a confined space. These people should probably call the professionals to handle the relocation for them. Rats can be very loud when they feel threatened, so the relocation probably will be unpleasant for everyone involved.

To avoid any stress for you or the rats, you need to figure out in advance how and where to relocate. If you have no idea, call an expert removal company to help you with it. They will understand your situation and give you advice. You can also have them come over to your house and carry them away, but don’t expect this to be done by county animal services because normally they won’t offer this service.

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