What do wildlife rehabilitators do with groundhogs?

The state assumes the role of managing native animals in their area. The injured or orphaned animals can find their way to a licensed person who has been trained in giving the right care, and a licensed rehabilitator has been given a permit and the right training when it comes to handling a groundhog.

A rehabilitator has the goal of offering a sick, orphaned or injured groundhog the care it needs so that it can survive, and it is then returned to its natural habitat with its family. Rehabilitation is not meant to make a wildlife animal a pet. A groundhog fears humans as a survival instinct, and this is why they should be handled less often. It is not legal to handle, care or rehabilitate the animal if you do not have a permit.

If you want to call a rehabilitator, it is good to assess the situation first to ensure that the groundhog is not a risk to humans, cars or dogs. You have to call the rehabilitation center directly on the phone, and you should not use email because the case has to be handled as an emergency.

Put on gloves and use a blanket or towel to handle the groundhog. You should put it in a dark area and use warm towels to prevent it from getting cold. If you are near a rehabilitation center, you can take the animal there without having to do anything else. If it is an emergency case, you can get an idea of how to handle the groundhog online or call a rehabilitator support number. Regardless of the case, you are not allowed to keep a groundhog like a pet in your home since it is illegal. A rehabilitator will release the animal back to its normal habitat since they understand that the groundhogs are supposed to live a free life as nature intended them to.

If you found a baby groundhog, you should wait for some time to call a wildlife rehabilitator since the mother may come back to get its baby. Only call if you are sure that the mother will not come back or if the baby is at risk.

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