Rats in the subway

People who travel on the subway most of the time can see rats, especially during the night. You can see the rats on the subway or on the market tracks and restaurant or bar. You can also see the rats on the park walkways. When garbage is put on the sidewalk, they may race back and forth near the sidewalk. You may never have seen a rat on the sidewalk or street before, but if there is extensive construction going on, then you may start to see them. The rats like to come out also during the warmer period and at night.

The rats are known to be evasive, so it is hard to know how many rats are in the area. Rats can survive with 28 grams of food with water every day. Rats will find shelter or food at the human habitation, so they interact with humans in different ways. The city rats can adapt to the habits or practices of the people and how they dispose of the food waste. Keeping the rats outside the restaurants, subway, stores and residences will contribute to a large number of rats in the city. Rats will find a way to get to the source of the food, and wasteful disposal of food increases their numbers. Rats can burrow under the ground and they can make their nests with more suitable soft materials. There is always a group of small rats that live in one nest. The brown rats choose to live at the ground level or under it. The congregate colonies are 30 up to 50 rats. The rats can live 100 feet up to 400 feet away from the source of food.

The greatest danger of the rats to the humans is transmitting their diseases. The city dwelling rats may carry pathogens which cause vomiting and diarrhea.

There are some videos of rats on YouTube, crawling on the subway tracks and the subway cars in the city of New York. Some residents in the city had to protest to ask the government to deal with the rat problems.

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