Do rats die in the winter?

Rats don’t hibernate when winter comes. They take advantage of any warm area that they can find. Rats can try to gain access into human dwellings so as to survive winter. The winter habits of the rats is similar and environment doesn’t really affect it. They have to sue different shelter depending on where they are situated. It is necessary for them to have a good source of food so as to survive the cold winter months.

Rats don’t die in winter. They do their best to survive and can use different shelters such as sheds and houses, idle vehicles, caves in case they are in the wild as well as burrowed dens. Sometimes rat can even use the open ground if it is the only option left so as to be able to keep warm.

You should also know that your rat problem won’t subside just because it is winter. This work doesn’t go down despite the cold. Rats are active all year round and winter is no exception for these rodents. The cold winter actually makes your workplace, garden and home a very attractive place for the rats as they look for food and a warm place to nest.

It is important to take action so as to ensure that rats as well as other pests are handled well during the winter months and all through the year too. Do not leave food outside and let it lie there overnight. Also, you need to make sure that your food storage and preparation areas are kept as clean as possible.

If there is any pet food that hasn’t been eaten or spillages indoors or outdoors, you will definitely have an issue with rats as they forage for food.

Make the garden tidy as possible and all other outdoor areas. Eliminate those piles of wood as well as all dry leaves as they can make the rodents a very comfortable batch. Compost bins are very popular with the rats especially in cases where there are scraps of food within. Playhouses, sheds and outbuildings can be a brilliant location for the rats since they can remain undisturbed for a while. Fill gaps and cracks and check out these areas from time to time over winter.

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