What do rats sound like?

The rats that invade homes are normally black and brown. They do have long tails with poor eyesight, but good senses of touch, taste, smell and hearing. Rats can be good swimmers, climbers and jumpers. They can sneak into homes easily. An infestation of rats takes place in the space found within the walls, basements and attics.

The rats’ noises are a mix of chattering sounds, hissing and squeaking. They are able to communicate different emotions. Hisses and squeaks mean that the rat is in pain or afraid. The rats can grind or chomp their teeth or they can gnaw, scratch and rustle within the homes.

When you hear these sounds, it will be the indication that you have rats in the home. You may then start to hear them scampering around the walls and they can be thought to be bigger animals. When scurrying is accompanied with the squeaking, it is a sure way to know that you have rats inside your home. There are also other rat noises that may be used if they are warding off their enemies.

The sounds of the rats are not the only signs that you have an infestation. The rats may contaminate every place they pass with fecal matter. They will look for food in a wide range of places, and you can find their droppings in the garbage and pet foods. When you find chewed and open package, this may point to a rodent problem.

The rats can have their nests in the crawl space and wall voids. The noise of the rats can attract cats and dogs, so you may also learn where the rats are through watching the place where cats or dogs pay more attention.

You should start with the removal of rats as soon as you find out that you have an infestation since the rats can cause too much damage and can put you at risk.

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