How to get rats out of a wall

If you hear some sort of scratching within the walls and scurrying of little feet up and down in the home, it is highly likely that you are dealing with rats. If the noise and scratching is mostly heard at night, there may be rats in the walls. You need to find a solution that will last and totally get rid of the infestation before it grows even bigger.

Rats are very fond of our homes and they can be your house guest for a very long time if you do not take care of the problem early enough. They usually come from outside when they realize there is a way in. There are so many entry points that they can use, including the roof vents, eaves, roof edges and even small holes all over the house. They can also squeeze themselves through the AC or even those gaps on the siding. At ground level, they are able to run up your walls and gain access to the attic, and they can spend a lot of time in there. At times, your walls can be a great place for their nests.

When they are in the walls, it is their safe haven where they live. They will chew on electrical wires and wood and they will leave their urine and feces all over, which is a hazard and unsanitary. They will find a way into the home and eat your food and there is a likelihood that they will cause diseases. Since they have a high rate of reproduction, their numbers tend to grow at an amazing rate and before you know it, your home will be crawling with then.

Dealing with rats in the walls isn’t as easy as rats in the attic. This is because in most cases you may not even be able to access the walls via the attic. When the rats die in the walls, the stink can be really unbearable. You may not be able to deal with the issue unless you cut holes in the wall, but that is not always the best solution. When you realize that rats are in the walls and dying there, you should stop the source of the rats first.

Inspection is the first step. Close all those holes. Since the rats can get in via plumbing, sometimes it is best to let the experts handle it. The only way to deal with the rats is to trap them and then remove them. The rats will eventually move out to search for food and the traps should be ready waiting for them.

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