How to get rats out of the garage

Rats are mammals that have two growing incisors, and they use them to gnaw on wood or other materials. The rat is classified in the rodent category, and it is known to cause problems in yards, garages and homes. If you find rats in the garage and you do not want to poison them, then you can try many other methods available, keeping in mind that you will need perseverance since it may take some time.

Start by sealing up the cracks and holes around your home where the rats may be gaining access into your garage. The rats may use a small hole to gain access to the garage as well. Even if it may be hard to block them all, blocking most of them will discourage some rats from entering into your garage.

If the rats are already in the garage, you can use snap traps to kill them. You can also catch the rodents using a live trap and then take the rats at least a mile away before you release them. You should also discourage the rats from living on your property by keeping stacks of firewood off the ground, planting shrubs or bushes away from the home, and placing bird feeders in areas that are not easily accessible. You have to ensure that all the trashcans are closed with a secure lid.

To keep the rats out, use the recommended materials to rat-proof the area. You can use cement mortar, sheet metal, perforated metal and steel wood hardware cloth. Close the holes in the garage on both the interior and exterior walls. Install a runner sweep and vinyl seals under the door of the garage to make sure that there is no gap. Tighten the seal around the vents, drains and pipes. You should use a cap on the chimneys and make sure that they are in the best condition.

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