How to get rats out of your car

During the winter period, the warmth of a car may make it an appealing destination for critters and rodents. When the rats are inside your car, they will cause problems, mostly mechanical problems since they chew on the wires. The rats stay in a small area, typically a hidden place where you may not think of looking for the problem with your car. Their nests may also be an issue. The rats may transfer food and hair they find around into their newfound home, and they can choke the engine while doing this.

To keep the rats out of your car, you should learn about the simple steps to take:

Keep the hood up: rats want to get to a dark place where they can nest. Keeping the hood up may discourage the nesting in some situations, but this is not always the case in all situations.

Hide the dog and cat food: when a rat is in your car, they will stuff the dog food in every empty space in your car such as the glove compartment, air ducts, and other empty spaces.

Seal off or remove the rat’s hiding place near a car: cut down the vines and the shrubbery where the rats may hide, and if you own a garage, you should block any rat-sized entrance to the building.

Block the small entrances on the engine compartment: there are some car owners who put traps at the top of the wheels and around a car. Since the rats may have to climb the wheels in order to get around the engine, the engine opening can be blocked using a wire screen.

When you have tried everything and the rats still entered into your car, you should then use snap traps to kill them.

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