Do rats chew on wires? Why?

So many people wonder whether rats actually chew on wires or not. When in the attic, you may notice that the rats totally love to chew on the electrical wires there. So, yes, rats do chew on wires. This is something that you will notice in almost every area where there is a rat infestation. Rats are rodents by nature and it is common for them to gnaw on literally anything that can be gnawed.

The reason why rats chew is because they have teeth that never stop growing. Just like cats handle their claws, a rat keeps on chewing so as to keep the teeth from growing too long. If the teeth of a rat get excessively big, then it means that the rat will not be able to feed at all, and this leads to a sure death for them.

In the case of electrical wires, the rats seem to have a preference for them, and this is a big problem in any household. When they chew on the electric wires, they will expose an electrical current, and the heat when exposed to the beams in the attic causes a very legitimate hazard and a fire could be looming. There are also cases where the rats chew on the electrical wires and this leads to an electrical short. There are instances where a homeowner has noticed that electricity just fails in one area of the house and there is no way to explain it until an electrician notices a chewed wire.

Sometimes the rats will even chew on the alarm wires and the alarm could go off without a clear reason. You need to protect the investments you have made in your own home. If you have a rat problem in your property, get it taken care of. The risk is real and the damage is even more real.

There is always a risk involved whenever you are dealing with electricity. Sometimes the rat could even urinate on the wires and the issue could even get worse. Rats could die due to electrocution and cause a power outage that you have to deal with. The attic is usually the place that is mostly affected by such issues. The dirt due to feces and urine as well as insulation that is torn apart poses an even bigger risk when you are dealing with rats in the attic.

When you notice that lights aren’t working or if you hear a popping sound when you turn on the switch, then you could come to discover that the wires have been chewed off. These are telltale signs that there are rats in your attic. Don’t wait until things get out of hand. Resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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