Do rats like cold weather?

Rats don’t like cold weather and when winter comes they seek refuge in warmer places like your home. Typically, rats do not hibernate when winter comes. They live in domestic environments and in the wilderness too. The winter habits are consistent even though the environment changes. They however do use different shelters and this depends mainly on the location. When it’s cold, rats need insulation as well as shelter from different elements. They also need a good source of food so as to be able to survive.

When the cold comes, rats make use of the outbuildings and human dwellings doe shelter. Other common places where rats hide are the crawl spaces that are just beneath our homes. They also use sheds and garages in case there are spaces that are insulated within. They prefer to remain hidden. In some circumstances, rats can find their way into the interiors of your home.

If there are idle vehicles within your property, you need to deal with them since they can be used by rats as a home when temperatures drop. They will use the engine compartments and all the systems used for ventilation since they are well sealed from elements. They build their nests from synthetic and natural materials. They may even shed the paper, the fabric in the car as well as the seat cushions so as to have a warm area. The ventilation system is used by the rats to get to the cab and other parts of the vehicle.

Where the rats are away from human dwellings, they may make use of natural shelters such as caves when winter knocks. They collect food in the warm months and it is cached in the caves. Many rays are very social and therefore a group can be found within one dwelling. The food caches are urinated on so as to show their territory.

Also, if they are away from humans, they usually burrow into the ground. They may make use of a rock or a boulder occurring naturally and then dig beneath it. Sometimes they can burrow in the open where necessary. The burrows usually have one holes erving as the exit and the entry point. The depth of such burrows is determined by the ability of the ground to insulate as well as the temperature.

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