Do rats come out in light / avoid light?

In nature, rats are nocturnal. If you have some pet rats, you may notice them play as you try to sleep. You should therefore keep their cage in the areas where they won’t actually disturb you. Many people require this information to know exactly what to expect from pets. The owners should be prepared before they have the rats within their home.

If you have an infestation within your home, you may never actually see the rats moving around, but you may hear their activity once you turn the lights off. It is good to note that rats are usually more active in the night than in the day. However, light doesn’t deter them from doing their business within your home. Rats do not mind the light and will therefore be active in the daytime too. However, most activities are carried out after dark.

Rats are nocturnal. However, they use both the dark and light to their advantage. Light and dark allows them to know exactly when to forage, find mates, sleep and every other thing that needs to be done. This is something that has been seen with the pet rats and those in laboratories. They usually tailor their habits around the times they are in darkness and the times they are in the light. Artificial light can disrupt their patterns, so it isn’t all about the natural light.

Rats have biological clocks that are well synchronized with the dark times and the light times. This is something that is closely related to evolution because it is important for them to survive. It is easier for the rats to survive at night than in the daytime.

Many people will rarely see the mice running around within their homes, but they will notice their presence through the items they are chewing and also through the droppings they leave behind. Most people are actually surprised to find out that they have rats within their homes because they never see them. Rats sleep during the day and they are very good at hiding, so you may never spot them.

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