What animals do rats kill?

When rats enter into your home, they are likely to eat most everything that they will find in your place. Rats have been living in different environments around the entire world and they get food from various sources, and this gives them the capacity to eat the diet of many other animals. The rats may like different foods, and while some are frugivorous that eat only fruits, others are carnivores. Some rats will eat grains while others will eat fish and meat. There are others that can eat candy, milk, eggs, seeds, nuts and vegetables. The wild rats will kill and eat bugs, insects, small animals and other rodents.

Wild birds are not important for the survival of rats unless there is extreme weather. The rats may eat spiders and flies whenever they can get to them. Rats may also eat all types of bugs and beetles, and hearing them crunching can be somewhat gruesome.

Rats will get food from different sources. They get food from the garbage. The garbage cans should be rust resistant and water tight with a tight fitting lid. Rats will eat fruits, including peaches, avocados, oranges and figs. They also like to eat peanuts, almonds and walnuts. All the fallen nuts and fruit may be removed and then discarded in the trash to prevent a rat infestation. The rodents may feed on bird seed, garden vegetables, snails or dog droppings. The store pet food also can be food to the rats, and if you have pets you should keep them away.

Even though rats may eat small animals like insects, birds and mice, they are also near the bottom of the food chain and there are many other creatures that eat them. The rats will be eaten by eagles, owls and hawks whenever they are seen. Snakes also like to eat rats and they kill them through squeezing or constricting. The list of animals that eat rats seems endless, and it includes weasels, wildcats, coyotes and foxes. The domestic cats are also known to kill rats, but most of the time they do not come close to the large rats. Since many animals will kill the rats, the rats have learned to reproduce faster and get a large litter so that their numbers may add up. However, when it comes to what the rats eat, they can eat anything that they can chew or kill. If you want to keep the rats away from your home, you have to make sure that there is nothing that they are able to eat in your home that can be easily accessed.

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