Do rats attack human necks?

Rats will rarely attack human necks. Rats are actually afraid of humans. Most female species protect their young ones, and so rats may also try to stand up and defend the young ones. In the end, they may just flee. Rats are small but many human beings actually fear them a lot. This is not necessary at all.

Humans have been known to take in rats as pets. Rats can be really adorable, but in very rare cases rats bite. In most cases, rats will bite if they are startled, but they don’t go for the neck as most people believe. The rats are usually just looking for an escape route, and they will bolt to the area where they can see light. This is usually the neck area and between your legs. Rat bites can be caused by poor hygiene since they are attracted to smells such as food.

When cornered, rats try all ways possible to flee instead of standing up for a confrontation. Even though rats love being close to human beings, they are still quite afraid. Keeping lights on doesn't really bother the rats. They are really good at hiding and they can make their way around whenever they need to. Usually rats will be afraid, especially when they are in a new territory, but once they are familiar with it, moving around becomes very easy for them. Rats are very smart and they have long lifespans. They are much more intelligent than mice. Rats love to live together since they are communal in nature.

However, if you have an infestation of rats in the house or property, it is advisable that you get rid of them as soon as possible. This is because they can cause a lot of problems wherever they are. If you cannot take care of the infestation yourself, consult with a wildlife operator who will do it for you at a cost.

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