Do rats have bones? How can they fit in such small holes?

Rats actually have a regular skeleton that is similar to that of humans or other animals such as a cat or dog. Some people believe that rats have no bones or that they may have a collapsible skeleton since they can fit even in tiny holes that seem impossible given the animal’s size. When a rat is fleeing, it can run fast with a fluid gait. The rat can then wriggle around like an eel and pass through a small hole.

The rats are able to fit into such small holes not because the bones are soft or collapsible. The rats can fit through the holes since their bodies are cylindrical in shape, flexible and long. They are known to be burrowing animals, and they spend much of their lives running down tunnels and in tight spaces.

Rats can figure out if they will be able to fit through a smaller hole through the use of their whiskers. When a rat is fleeing, it will be able to make such a judgment faster by poking their nose in the hole and then dashing through when it is large enough or darting to another one when it fails to enter into the hole.

The rats are able to fit into holes as small as the size of a quarter. A quarter-size hole is under an inch in diameter. However, this is not the case for all rats. Large rats or overweight rats will be too big, and most of the rats that are small enough to fit through that space are juvenile rats. The small diameter hole that a rat can fit within is an important consideration when it comes to preventing rats from being able to enter your house.

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