Do rats make good pets?

Rats are wildlife animals that frequently live near people because human surroundings are a great food source. There is lots of easily accessible food in human homes, which makes them excellent habitats, and rats have lived for many generations in cities and other human neighborhoods.

An adult rat will not make for a good pet because it is essentially a wild animal that isn't accustomed to living in captivity and being in contact with a human being all the time.

However, if a rat has been orphaned while it was still a baby, and if it has been cared for by humans, this rat can be a good pet. A rat that has grown up surrounded by and fed by people is a domestic animal like a cat or a dog and will make a good pet. It is accustomed to being cared for by people and can even be affectionate and tender like a cat or a dog. It will also groom itself like a cat and the possibility that you might get bitten by such a rat is very low.

Rats are sociable animals that develop a strong link with their owners. They are intelligent rodents – a rat will actually learn what its name is and will come when you call it. Rats love to play with their owners; they even learn to beg for their owner to take them out of their cage to play and interact. They learn to wrestle with their owner's hand like cats sometimes do, and they can also learn to play other games with their owners such as: hide and seek, tug of war and peek a boo.

Rats enjoy being pet, rubbed behind the ears, and scratched on their shoulders and back. In some cases, a rat will roll on its back so you can rub its belly. Rats show affection to their owner by licking them just like dogs do. Rats are intelligent and can learn tricks like dogs do. Rat can learn to fetch, sit up and raise their front legs, jump through a hoop or walk on a rope.

Every rat has its own personality and their intelligence will enable them to establish a good connection with their owner. Their character is warm and playful, so they can be good pets for everyone, both adults and kids. Since they are nocturnal animals, they will be happy to sleep through the day while you are in school or at work and be ready to play with you when you get back home.

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