Do rats like dog poop

Yes, rats like dog poop and they actually love to eat it. It has even been claimed that dog poop is one of the main sources of food for rats in the areas that are developed. Dog poop has lots of infectious bacteria and toxins which can cause illness in humans. It also has minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and even fats which animals such as rats can ingest safely. Therefore, dog poop can and does attract rats.

In comparison to dogs, rats have been found to have a better sense of smell in some cases. Rats are often used by police to find some objects. It is this sense of smell that rats use to determine whether a certain material is edible or not.

Rats are nocturnal in nature, so you may never spot them during the day since they come out only at night. A greater part of the population of rats loves the areas with a high human population such as cities where shops and restaurants leave uncovered trash bags on the streets, offering them an adequate food supply.

In the suburban areas, many people love owning pets such as dogs, and this has led to the rise in the amount of waste left behind. This in turn attracts rats to the area.

Rats are classified as pests and they have the capacity to multiply really quickly. They can spread diseases that are life threatening and also cause a lot of structural damage to the home without you realizing it. Some of the diseases that rats spread include typhus, salmonella, toxoplasma, worms, Leptospira, listeria and Papsteurella. The diseases can lead to symptoms that are similar to the flu and then the serious complications set in.

Rats are a threat to the structure of the buildings on the commercial and residential properties. Rats are able to gain entry through very small holes. Rats can live very well in crawl spaces, subflooring, cabinetry and walls. They then start gnawing at water pipes, gas pipes, wood work and even the electrical wiring. Some of the infestations that have been seen so far involve yards that have dog feces in them.

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