What can rats chew through and how can you keep them away?

As a rodent animal, rats can chew literally everything as long as their teeth can handle it. Rats are capable of even scratching gemstones. The teeth of rats are scaled at a5 out of 10, which means they are harder than copper material. Due to their hard teeth, rats are able to chew a wide variety of materials like wood, plastic, brick, asbestos, lead, aluminum and blocks.

The strong teeth are exactly how they are able to chew. They can swim for days and survive without even drowning. They also have an excellent breeding rate that can lead to overpopulation. For the last few decades, the rat genes have been experiencing a mutation so that most of them are immune to poisons.

It seems that a rat is a very devious animal that can strike anytime. It’s hard to keep them out of your garden, but that does not mean it’s impossible. Getting rid of the rats will promote good hygiene and sanitation. It is pretty important, especially in a household where everyone might become exposed to pests.

A home owner should keep things in place and organize their foods so they will not be detected by rodents. Outside, a homeowner should keep their trash can far away or at least off the rat radar. They need to make sure pet food is not left out either. Blocking the entrance points will also prevent rats from coming inside your home. Although they can actually chew on doors or windows, they may not be as tempted when the door is opened. It is suggested that homeowners take precautions so that rats may not arrive from vents or chimneys which are mostly neglected and forgotten. The building and rooftops are also the main entrance of rats. Any gap, no matter how small, can be the rat entrance somehow.

Repellent is also an ideal solution if you make it as natural as possible to get rid of rats without harming your family’s health. It is also a brilliant idea since they have an exceptional sense of smell despite their poor eyesight. They can sniff things meters away. Some rats are trained to rescue disaster survivors because of their keen sense of smell.

When you use a natural repellent, you can stuff it anywhere from the rooftop to your vehicles. You can also apply it to your children’s room without doing any harm to their health.

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