Will a rat chew through the ceiling?

Rats are basically vermin, and no one wants to have them anywhere near their home as they are carriers of deadly diseases and filth from sewers. Unfortunately, they very much like human houses because they offer safety, food and warmth. Rats are quite cunning creatures that can sneak into any nook and cranny in search of the perfect nesting spot and a morsel of food, so places like attics, walls, pantries and basements are favorites.

Rats, like all rodents, have extremely strong teeth designed to chew through almost anything. This includes ceilings. They love living in walls and ceilings because this provides them with the darkness and cover, and easy access to almost every room in the house. If you hear scampering and scratching inside the walls and ceilings, you’re most probably suffering from a rat invasion, this means more than one, as they like to live in family groups.

Although they like to live in the ceilings, they most probably won’t chew a hole right through it unless they are trapped and need an access point. They usually build their pathways that connect ceilings and walls to their nest, and use already existing holes, that can be as small as a dime. This provides them with an easy getaway in case they feel cornered or attacked.

Rats tend to be shy, and their nocturnal nature means that you may not even notice their presence until you have quite an infestation on your hands. It also means that chewing a hole through the middle of your ceiling will not be very appealing to them, as this increases the risk of them falling through it. Rats are excellent climbers and prefer to climb up and down walls where they have firm grips, as opposed to climbing upside down on ceilings, where they can easily fall.

If a rat feel trapped it will definitely chew through your ceiling, but to get out, not to get in. The rat finds its way into the ceiling through walls, insulation and electricity access points. Eaves, cracks in window panes or broken roof tiles are basically open invitations to your home in the eyes of rats.

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