How to get a rat out of your bedroom

When there is a rat in your bedroom, you have many choices on how to get rid of it. You may set up a humane trap so that you can release it outside when you catch it or you may set a snap trap or have a cat handle this job. You may also use rat repellent to chase the rat away and seal the house in order to keep the rats outside.

When you see the rat, you can try to look for it around the home to identify where it went or where its nest is. The rat may be fast and chasing it around may not be the best solution. You can learn where the nest of the rat is and you can set the trap nearby. To know where the nest may be, you should look in the hidden and dark places or look for scraps of the hair, paper and cloth. You may also learn where the rats are by checking on their droppings.

The humane mouse trap will let you catch the rat without having to kill it. You may then release the rat in the forest or in a nearby park. If you know where the rat likes to move around, you may try a homemade trap. Close the door with towels under it and try to cover the rat where it is. You can also use a homemade bucket trap to catch the rat.

You can get a cat since it is the natural predator of the rats, and if you keep one around, it will help you to get rid of the rats. If you do not want to own a cat, you can borrow one from a friend for some time and return it after it catches the rat.

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