What to do about a rat on the roof

Rats in your home are both a nuisance and a danger. They are carriers of different diseases that can present significant danger for human health, especially considering that they can invade every part of your home and leave their marks everywhere. If you have noticed a rat presence on the roof of your home, there are several steps that need to be taken.

First of all, it is crucial to inspect not just the roof but also every other part of your home to get an accurate idea of the extent of rat infestation in your home. Discovering rat entry points will enable you to create a plan to seal them shut (to prevent further entrance into your home) as well as where you will post traps afterwards, when you have disabled further entry (or exit). You will know where rats move about by the following signs: rat droppings, rat scratch marks or bite marks, urination stains, rodent screeching or other sounds. If there are lots of rats in your home and on the roof, focus extermination activities on where there is the highest concentration of signs of the rat presence.

When you have determined there is a rat presence on the roof, it is important to cut off further entry. You must safely close open spots on the roof and under the roof to prevent the rodents from further entering your home over the roof. Put a thick cap over the chimney; seal vent openings under the roof; close any openings under the roof; replace any loose shingles. Rats can get through openings that are just 1 square inch, so make sure that everything is safely shut.

Now you can place traps where you have noticed the majority of rat droppings or other traces of their movement.

It is best to use snap traps because they effectively and quickly kill the animal without imposing unnecessary suffering. Bait the trap with peanut butter, as it quickly attracts them. Make sure to check the traps regularly on a daily basis so that you can remove the dead rat as soon as it is trapped and to again put the trap back in function. Keep on placing traps until they stay empty (with the bait on) for a few days – this will be a clear sign that you have trapped and exterminated all rats from your roof.

In the end, it is important to underline the importance of further prevention. Keep all food sources closed in containers with a firmly shut lid. If there is no available food for rats, they will move away where there is food for them.

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