Do rats hide from humans?

Even though none of us want to give it much thought, rats are actually everywhere. If there are humans around, rats won’t be too far away. It is no mystery why rats love being near humans. This is because they can access food and water much more easily than in the wild.

Rats are usually active all through the year, and so it is important to check for signs of an infestation periodically so as to correct an infestation before it goes too far. Usually, you may not be able to see the rats since they are really good at hiding. They are nocturnal in nature and may only come out at night to feed. When you catch an infestation early, then you should be able to deal with the rats before it gets out of hand. You may not actually see the rats, but evidence of their presence will be very clear.

If you have rats in the compound around your house, there is a great chance that they will eventually try to get into the house. You need you carry out inspections outdoors before you go indoors if you find any signs of rats. If there are rats inside the house, you will need to do a thorough inspection outside to find the entry point that they are using.

Rats can and do hide from humans. The only way you may be able to tell that there are actually rats in your property is through the signs that they leave all over. You should check the dark areas, the decks and even the bushes. Check for signs in the windows, wood piles, yard debris and all other places that can offer rats a great hiding place.

Some of the signs that will help you know that there are rats within the property include droppings, burrows, runways and even gnaw marks. Correct identification of the signs is very important since some of them may be quite similar to other animals. If the rats are indoors, you may hear noises at night such as scratches and gnawing sounds. You may also find droppings, urine, rub marks, grease marks, food tampering and so on.

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