Raccoons in New York City

Raccoons are found in different boroughs in New York City and they may live near your home. They will thrive where there is enough food and shelter. Raccoons may be a nuisance when people supply them with shelter and food even if they are not aware of it.

The raccoons as other mammals may carry rabies, and it may be transferred to people or pets through scratches and bites. You should stay away from a raccoon if it looks sick.

If there are raccoons nearby, ensure that they do not have any access to food near the home since the raccoons may eat anything they find, and they can live anywhere such as in the sewers, attics, hollow walls, fireplace chimney, and rock piles. You should not feed pets outside since the food can attract the raccoons. Make sure that the garbage area is clean and the garbage container is covered tightly. You should buy a garbage can that is resistant to the raccoons and it should have a lid which the raccoons are not able to open. You should seal the garage and home, and this includes the outdoor sheds. Make sure that you have trimmed the tree branches so that the raccoons do not climb in the attic or on the roof. You can sprinkle cayenne pepper near the place where the raccoons are spotted while making sure that dogs and cats will not be affected.

The raccoons will choose to live in your place if there is a place where they can feel comfortable. In case you make the place uncomfortable, then the raccoons may choose to relocate, especially if it is a mother that has children with it. It is not advised to try to trap or capture the raccoon on your own.

Use flashing and bright lights in the attic or other places where the raccoons want to live. Play loud music using a radio in the attic or in other places so that the raccoons may leave. If you cannot move the raccoons on your own, then you should call a professional for help.

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