How to get rid of raccoons without killing them

Raccoons are amazing animals, but they can do some acts that are very destructive. You may find raccoons in areas that are wooded or near areas that have a lot of vegetation and with a water supply. The coons are nocturnal by nature and they love climbing. Some of the indications that you may have a raccoon problem on your hands include a haphazard garden, damaged crops, and ripped shingles. The raccoons enjoy garbage, mice, vegetables and fruits.

When you realize that you have a raccoon problem, there are some home remedies that you can try out, and they may actually work.

Sound and light:
raccoons are nocturnal and they love dark areas that are peaceful. To discourage raccoon activity, you can try lighting up the area and the surroundings and then play very loud music. The problem with this method is the fact that the noise and light may actually irritate you too. You may also use empty soda bottles. These can be fixed on the ground where the wind can be allowed to blow them and cause a sound that is eerie, and this may annoy the raccoons.

you can place the mothballs in your yard and even inside the home. The raccoons may not be able to withstand the smell. The issue with this method is if you have pets and children, they may mess around with the mothballs.

Removing vegetation:
naturally, raccoons are omnivorous and they love crops such as watermelon and corn. If possible, avoid planting such things until you get rid of the raccoons. Compost piles should also remain covered in the areas where there are raccoons.

Closing the entries is also very important. You can use a good net, wired cloth and even wooden planks. Newspapers may also be used. You should use many layers of compressed newspapers within the holes and crevices.

Trapping is another option that has proven to be foolproof. You should trap them and then relocate them. Raccoons love tuna fish and marshmallows. It is important to check with the local laws since in some places trapping is not allowed.

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